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23 January 2024 Localized Eco-Climatic Impacts of Onshore Wind Farms: A Review
Jia Ze, Yang Xiuchun, Chen Ang, Yang Dong, Zhang Min, Wei Lunda
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The construction and operation of onshore wind farms interfere with the succession of local plant communities, and the impacts on the local ecology and climate are of great concern. The study of the relationships between onshore wind farms and local ecology and climate, as well as the accurate assessment of the impacts of onshore wind farms on local areas, are the foundation for promoting the sustainable development of green energy. In this study, we summarize the existing research methods used for field data monitoring, remote sensing data inversion and numerical model simulation, and found that onshore wind farms have obvious impacts on the local vegetation index, near-surface temperature, wind speed, soil moisture, and other parameters. Onshore wind farms reduce the local soil moisture content, increase the near-surface air temperature, and significantly alter local wind speeds. They also cause a reduction in the local vegetation index, inhibition of plant growth, and an increase in the mortality rates of birds and bats inside the wind farms. However, onshore wind farms have positive effects on the plant communities outside the wind farms, especially in the downwind direction. Overall, there is regional variability in the results and the findings are not generalizable. The mechanisms by which the onshore wind farms influence the local climate, the impact of climate on local ecology, and the direct effects of onshore wind farms on local ecology have not been clearly and accurately explained. Related research is still needed to further improve the precision, accuracy, and continuity of observational data. The construction of modeling systems also needs to incorporate indicators such as land use type, local microclimatic indicators, and plant species. Based on these considerations, this review provides support for macroscopically understanding the impacts of onshore wind farms on climate and ecology.

Jia Ze, Yang Xiuchun, Chen Ang, Yang Dong, Zhang Min, and Wei Lunda "Localized Eco-Climatic Impacts of Onshore Wind Farms: A Review," Journal of Resources and Ecology 15(1), 151-160, (23 January 2024).
Received: 22 July 2023; Accepted: 8 October 2023; Published: 23 January 2024
climatic impacts
ecological impact
onshore wind farms
plant community
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