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1 June 2012 The Status of the Southern New England Lobster Stock
Penelope Howell
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Management of the American lobster fishery in U.S. waters recognizes 3 biological stocks. Since 2001, the northern 2 stocks have increased in abundance whereas the southernmost stock has declined dramatically. Decline in abundance indices of all sizes, including larvae and young-of-year, indicate that the stock is experiencing recruitment failure. Increasing water temperature and a corresponding increase in shell disease may be contributing factors. Assessment procedures have recently included a 2-fold increase in nonharvest losses; however, modeling spawning stock losses specific to the disease process has not been accomplished. Rebuilding strategies need to maximize stock production while at the same time minimize the spread and severity of shell disease.

Penelope Howell "The Status of the Southern New England Lobster Stock," Journal of Shellfish Research 31(2), 573-579, (1 June 2012).
Published: 1 June 2012
American lobster
Homarus americanus
southern New England
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