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1 October 2004 Fideliine Phylogeny and Classification Revisited (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)
Michael S. Engel
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The recent completion and publication of a revision of the Old World Fideliini (Megachilidae: Fideliinae) has provided new taxa and information for this little known tribe of bees. In this light, the data matrix for fideliine relationships is revised to include the newly described species as well as some corrections. Analysis of the data matrix for all fideliine species results in a single set of relationships, congruent with the previous hypothesis. An updated classification of the fideliines is provided, incorporating the new species. Fideliopsis is returned to generic rank, resulting in the following new combinations: Fideliopsis hessei (Whitehead and Eardley), F. fasciata (Whitehead and Eardley), and F. borearipa (Whitehead and Eardley). Keys are provided for the identification of all supraspecific taxa in Fideliini (with two new subtribes: Fideliina, new status, and Neofideliina, new subtribe) and a catalog of the species included. The expanded phylogeny and new floral information is used to provide a revised picture of fideliine-plant associations.

Michael S. Engel "Fideliine Phylogeny and Classification Revisited (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)," Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society 77(4), 821-836, (1 October 2004).
Accepted: 1 March 2004; Published: 1 October 2004
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