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1 January 2009 Diversity and Habitats of a Prairie Assemblage of Odonata at Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge, North Dakota
Tom D. Schultz
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An inventory of the dragonflies and damselflies (Insecta: Odonata) at the Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge (LNWR) was conducted during the summer of 2003. Adult censuses and larval sampling at 32 wetland sites produced 10 dragonfly and 14 damselfly species that were resident in the refuge. In 2006, two additional species were added. The odonate fauna of LWNR consisted primarily of widespread, common species that are adapted to fishless lentic communities and tolerant of alkaline and impermanent water regimes. Enallagma annexum (Hagen), Enallagma boreale Selys, Lestes disjunctus Selys, Lestes congener Hagen, Sympetrum costiferum (Hagen), and Sympetrum internum Montgomery were the most abundant odonates at the refuge. The odonate communities of semipermanent, oligosaline ponds were the most diverse and included species of Aeshna, Anax, Libellula, Leucorrhinia, Sympetrum, Lestes, Coenagrion, Enallagma, Ischnura, and Nehalennia. Large polysaline lakes were inhabited only by Ischnura damula Calvert and four species of Enallagma. Seasonal ponds that remained flooded until mid-July produced large numbers of Sympetrum internum, Lestes disjunctus, and Lestes unguiculatus. Spring-fed bogs and fens supported several species that were rare at the refuge including Sympetrum danae (Sulzer), Sympetrum semicinctum Say, and Amphiagrion abbreviatum (Selys). Long-term monitoring of odonate diversity and abundance may be useful in tracking the effects of climate change in the prairie pothole region but must take into account yearly fluctuations due to variation in winter and summer precipitation.

Tom D. Schultz "Diversity and Habitats of a Prairie Assemblage of Odonata at Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge, North Dakota," Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society 82(1), 91-102, (1 January 2009).
Accepted: 29 September 2008; Published: 1 January 2009

Lostwood National Wildlife Reserve
Missouri Couteau
North Dakota
prairie potholes
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