Journal of Vector Ecology
Journal of Vector Ecology contains work on the biology, ecology and control of arthropod vectors, and the interrelationships between the vectors and the disease agents they transmit.

    The Journal of Vector Ecology is an international journal published by the Society for Vector Ecology. It is concerned with all aspects of the biology, ecology, and control of arthropod and vertebrate vectors and the interrelationships between the vectors and the agents of disease that they transmit. The journal publishes original research articles and scientific notes, as well as comprehensive reviews of vector biology based on presentations at Society meetings. All papers are reviewed by at least two qualified scientists who recommend their suitability for publication. Acceptance of manuscripts is based on their scientific merit and is the final decision of the editor, but these decisions may be appealed to the editorial board. The journal began publishing in 1974 and now publishes on-line only. Back issues of the print edition of the journal are available in libraries and from the society website.


Print ISSN: 1081-1710

Online ISSN: 1948-7134

Current: Jun 2022 : Volume 47 Issue 1

BioOne Member Since: 2008

Frequency: Biannual

Impact Factor: 1.671

Journal Citation Reports® Ranking: 47/102 Entomology

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