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1 November 2012 Basal Sauropodomorphs from the Ischigualasto Formation
Ricardo N. Martínez, Cecilia Apaldetti, Diego Abelin
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Basal sauropodomorphs from the Ischigualasto Formation include Eoraptor lunensis, Panphagia protos, and Chromogisaurus novasi. Few comparisons have been made between these taxa, because Eoraptor was only recently reassessed as a basal sauropodomorph and because Panphagia and Chromogisaurus were described nearly simultaneously. We describe in detail the fully prepared bones of the holotype of Chromogisaurus novasi, examine the evidence for its taxonomic distinction, and analyze the phylogenetic relationships among basal sauropodomorphs. Our results support Chromogisaurus novasi as a valid genus and species and provide weak phylogenetic evidence favoring a series of stem taxa at the base of Sauropodomorpha. The analysis positions Panphagia as the basal-most sauropodomorph, followed by Eoraptor, Pampadromaeus, and a clade that includes Chromogisaurus and Saturnalia.

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Ricardo N. Martínez, Cecilia Apaldetti, and Diego Abelin "Basal Sauropodomorphs from the Ischigualasto Formation," Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 32(s1), 51-69, (1 November 2012).
Received: 27 December 2012; Accepted: 1 June 2013; Published: 1 November 2012

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