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17 May 2023 New Enchodontoid Fish (Teleostei: Aulopiformes) from the Late Cretaceous of Lebanon
Alison M. Murray, Mori Chida, Robert B. Holmes
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A new enchodontoid, †Spinascutichthys pankowskiae gen. et sp. nov. is described from the marine Cenomanian deposits of the En Nammoura locality, Lebanon. The enchodontoid is small, but fully ossified, and armoured with rows of scutes bearing strong spines along the back, flanks, and ventral surface of the tail. The long, slender body and elongate jaws are similar to those of dercetids, but the predorsal scutes and ventral prongs on the dentary indicate relationship with enchodontids. Although more, or better, characters are needed to resolve the phylogeny and monophyly of the †Enchodontoidei, the family †Enchodontidae is found to be monophyletic, but a monophyletic †Dercetidae is not recovered. The new taxon is resolved in a phylogenetic analysis as the sister group to †Nardorex. This small, armoured fish supports the interpretation of En Nammoura as having a shallower water environment than that represented at the two similarly aged Lebanese deposits of Hakel and Hadjula.

Alison M. Murray, Mori Chida, and Robert B. Holmes "New Enchodontoid Fish (Teleostei: Aulopiformes) from the Late Cretaceous of Lebanon," Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 42(1), (17 May 2023).
Received: 2 March 2022; Accepted: 27 June 2022; Published: 17 May 2023
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