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1 October 2001 Lingual Calcinosis Circumscripta in a Captive Sitatunga
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Calcinosis circumscripta (CC) was found in a 10-yr-old female sitatunga (Bovidae; Tragelaphus spekei). At necropsy, there were two white coalescing nodules (3 × 5 × 2 cm, 2 × 2 × 1.5 cm) on the ventral side of the tongue. The cut surface of the nodules had multiple, well-circumscribed loculi with chalky appearance and gritty consistency, separated by thin strands of connective tissue. Histologically, the nodules contained multiple loculi of various sizes and shapes, which consisted of amorphous material that was pale basophilic with H&E stain, surrounded by fibrous connective tissue. Around the loculi were numerous foreign body giant cells and epithelioid macrophages; occasional lymphocyte aggregations also were seen. The amorphous material was positive for PAS and von Kossa's stain. Calcinosis circumscripta is rare in the Bovidae.

Yanai, Noda, Kawakami, Sakai, Lackner, and Masegi: Lingual Calcinosis Circumscripta in a Captive Sitatunga
T. Yanai, A. Noda, S. Kawakami, H. Sakai, A. A. Lackner, and T. Masegi "Lingual Calcinosis Circumscripta in a Captive Sitatunga," Journal of Wildlife Diseases 37(4), 813-815, (1 October 2001).
Published: 1 October 2001

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