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18 October 2007 Nomenclatural Notes and Lectotypes in the Allocarya Section of Plagiobothrys
Kenton L. Chambers
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The history of the combination Plagiobothrys figuratus (Piper) I. M. Johnst. ex M. Peck is explained, and P. figuratus var. corallicarpus (Piper) K. L. Chambers is proposed to replace an earlier combination at the subspecific rank. In the Plagiobothrys scouleri (Hook. & Arn.) I. M. Johnst. complex, the following are recognized as separate species for treatment in the Oregon Flora Checklist: P. scouleri, P. reticulatus (Piper) I. M. Johnst., P. bracteatus (Howell) I. M. Johnst., and P. hispidulus (Greene) I. M. Johnst.. Plagiobothrys cusickii (Greene) I. M. Johnst. is made a synonym of the latter taxon. Lectotypes are provided for Allocarya bracteata Howell, A. cusickii var. vallicola Jeps., A. charaxata var. debilis Brand, A. commixta Brand, and A. piperi Brand.

Kenton L. Chambers "Nomenclatural Notes and Lectotypes in the Allocarya Section of Plagiobothrys," Madroño 54(4), 322-325, (18 October 2007).[322:NNALIT]2.0.CO;2
Published: 18 October 2007
Oregon flora
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