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31 October 2008 A Taxonomic Reassessment of Clarkia Calientensis and Clarkia Tembloriensis
Frank C. Vasek
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The taxonomic relationships of Clarkia calientensis were re-evaluated in light of information accumulated subsequent to its designation as C. tembloriensis subsp. calientensis. Closeness of relationship between C. calientensis and C. tembloriensis was based on ease of crossing and on cytological pairing configurations in intertaxon hybrids. These interpretations require the assumptions that closely related species are easy to cross, and that maximum cytological configurations are known. However, extensive crossing data show that sympatric, closely related species of Clarkia are very difficult to cross but allopatric species cross rather readily. Furthermore, the cytological data are incomplete as maximum configurations are seldom observed, and some hybrids have not been produced. In both cases, the required assumptions are not tenable. Sterile hybrids between these two easily crossed taxa are strong evidence that they are not conspecific. Consequently, C. calientensis should be recognized as an independent species. Examination of floral variation in C. tembloriensis led to the recognition of large-flowered, protandrous forms as a new subspecies: C. tembloriensis subsp. longistyla.

Frank C. Vasek "A Taxonomic Reassessment of Clarkia Calientensis and Clarkia Tembloriensis," Madroño 55(4), 297-302, (31 October 2008).
Published: 31 October 2008
C. tembloriensis
Clarkia calientensis
hybrid sterility
outcrossing rate
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