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13 November 2015 A Checklist of the Bryophytes of the California Channel Islands
Benjamin E. Carter
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An annotated, vouchered checklist of the bryophytes of the California Channel Islands is presented, including the known distribution of each species across the eight islands. The bryoflora currently comprises 158 minimally ranked taxa. Fifty-nine mosses, two hornworts, and twenty-two liverworts are reported for the first time from the islands. Fifteen species previously reported from the archipelago are excluded based on new determinations and nomenclatural changes. The bryoflora includes two putative undescribed species in the Bryaceae, Plagiobryoides sp. from Santa Catalina Island and Gemmabryum sp. from Santa Rosa Island. Excluding these two putative new species, no new state records are reported. One species, Tortula californica, is listed by the California Native Plant Society at the 1B rank. Previous reports from the literature are catalogued and nomenclatural changes are noted. There are no island endemics, with the possible exception of the two putative undescribed species. The bryoflora is similar to that of the adjacent mainland, but the larger islands harbor disjunct populations of species from the wet forests of central and northern California that are absent on the adjacent mainland.

California Botanical Society
Benjamin E. Carter "A Checklist of the Bryophytes of the California Channel Islands," Madroño 62(4), 186-207, (13 November 2015).
Published: 13 November 2015
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