26 July 2010 Trachypithecus cristatus (Primates: Cercopithecidae)
Lee E. Harding
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Trachypithecus cristatus (Raffles, 1821), silvered lutung, is a colobine monkey of the Malay Peninsula and Archipelago. It has a pointed crest and outward-projecting cheek hairs, and gray skin and pelage with some grayish white hairs that are lighter distally, giving a silvered appearance. Diurnal and arboreal, it runs and jumps quadrupedally, with limited semibrachiation. Its large stomach and foregut fermentation allow it to digest a diet with a high proportion of leaves. It lives in single male–multifemale groups and smaller multimale groups in a polygynous, cooperative-breeding mating system. As with other nonhuman primates, it is threatened throughout its range by logging, hunting for meat and medicinal uses, and capture for the pet trade.

Lee E. Harding "Trachypithecus cristatus (Primates: Cercopithecidae)," Mammalian Species 42(1), 149-165, (26 July 2010). https://doi.org/10.1644/862.1
Published: 26 July 2010
leaf monkey
silvered langur
Trachypithecus delacouri
Trachypithecus leucocephalus
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