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17 October 2022 Martes martes (Carnivora: Mustelidae)
Vladimir Monakhov
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Martes martes (Linnaeus, 1758), commonly called the European pine marten, is a small predator widespread in western Eurasia. In almost all its geographic distribution, it is autochthonous. It is as a secondary consumer but, a predator with omnivorous traits. Martes martes inhabits forests with varied tree compositions, but in recent decades, it has spread to forest-steppe and agricultural areas. It is hunted in some areas, mainly in winter. In some countries during the 20th century, it experienced significant declines in numbers, but at present, it is “Least Concern” (LC) on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature's Red List of Threatened Species.

Vladimir Monakhov "Martes martes (Carnivora: Mustelidae)," Mammalian Species 54(1022), 1-22, (17 October 2022).
Received: 1 May 2022; Published: 17 October 2022
Eurasia forest-dweller
European pine marten
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