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1 July 2014 Variations in Ecosystem Service Value in Response to Oasis Land-use Change in Keriya Oasis, Tarim Basin, China
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This study utilized satellite data and the published coefficients about the world and China's ecosystem to analyze the effects of oasis land-use change on ecosystem services in Keriya Oasis where both economic development and arid, fragile ecosystems have strongly affected land use. A sensitivity analysis was employed to determine the effect of manipulating these coefficients on the estimated values. Results indicated that: (1) the total values of ecosystem service in Keriya Oasis were about $232.2 million. $212.8 million, and $207.2 million in 1991, 2002, and 2008, respectively, and the net decline in ecosystem service value was about $25.0 million within 1991–2008; (2) the aggregated ecosystem service value of medium-cover grassland, wetland, low-cover grassland, cropland, and water body was about 90% of the total value; (3) waste treatment and soil formation were the top two ecological functions with high service value, and contributing about 41% of the total services value; and (4) ecosystem services values estimated in this study were inelastic with respect to the value coefficients. Therefore, the estimation was robust in spite of uncertainties on the value coefficients. A reasonable land-use plan should be based on rigorous environmental impact analyses for maintaining stability and sustainable development of Keriya Oasis.

Mamattursun Eziz, Hamid Yimit, Zulpiya Tursun, and Yusufujiang Rusuli "Variations in Ecosystem Service Value in Response to Oasis Land-use Change in Keriya Oasis, Tarim Basin, China," Natural Areas Journal 34(3), 353-364, (1 July 2014).
Published: 1 July 2014

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