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1 June 2010 Giant Kidney Worms in Mink from New York: Prevalence, Distribution, and Health Implications
Jefferey J. Loukmas, David T. Mayack, Milo E. Richmond
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We examined 612 wild Neovison vison (Mink) carcasses collected during 1998–2002 from New York State for presence of Dioctophyme renale (Giant Kidney Worm). Twenty-three Mink (15 males and 8 females) contained the parasite in the right kidney. The percentage of infected Mink (3.8%) was considerably lower than was found in Ontario (48%) and Minnesota (27%), but higher than in Manitoba (1%) and North Dakota (<1%). We found a clustered distribution of Giant Kidney Worms in Mink; all infections were located in the northern and central areas of the state and were restricted to a few physiographic and hydrological regions. Left kidneys were enlarged in parasitized Mink, but other condition measures (body and omentum weights, body weight:length ratio, and hepatic metal concentrations) did not differ between infected and non-infected animals when adjusted for gender, age, and capture location. This assessment indicated that Giant Kidney Worms have a minimal impact on Mink health; however, it should be viewed with caution because animals severely affected by infection may have been less susceptible to trapping. Future research should focus on the impact of infections on long-term health and mortality of Mink and the ecological requirements of Giant Kidney Worms and hosts to understand why infections are clustered in certain areas.

Jefferey J. Loukmas, David T. Mayack, and Milo E. Richmond "Giant Kidney Worms in Mink from New York: Prevalence, Distribution, and Health Implications," Northeastern Naturalist 17(2), 211-222, (1 June 2010).
Published: 1 June 2010
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