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1 October 2013 Establishing Alpine Research Priorities in Northeastern North America
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Research in alpine areas of northeastern North America has been poorly coordinated, with minimal communication among researchers, and it has rarely been multidisciplinary. A workshop was organized to review the state of alpine research in northeastern North America, to facilitate cooperation, and to encourage discussion about research priorities for the region's alpine habitat, which occurs in four US states and the southern part of Québec, Canada. More than 40 researchers with diverse expertise participated in the discussions, including lichenologists, botanists, herpetologists, ornithologists, ecosystem scientists, climatologists, conservation biologists, land managers, and others. Research priorities were developed through post-workshop discussions and an online survey, and they are presented here, along with a summary of the process used to organize the workshop. In addition to specific research questions, strong support was expressed for creation of a network of long-term alpine monitoring sites where a standardized protocol would be used to collect data on biotic and abiotic parameters. Researchers also strongly endorsed the creation of an organization to continue the exchange of information.

Robert S. Capers, Kenneth D. Kimball, Kent P. McFarland, Michael T. Jones, Andrea H. Lloyd, Jeffrey S. Munroe, Guillaume Fortin, Christopher Mattrick, Julia Goren, Daniel D. Sperduto, and Richard Paradis "Establishing Alpine Research Priorities in Northeastern North America," Northeastern Naturalist 20(4), 559-577, (1 October 2013).
Published: 1 October 2013

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