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1 December 2014 Survey of a Coastal Tiger Beetle Species, Cicindela marginata Fabricius, in Maine
Mark A. Ward, Jonathan D. Mays
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We undertook field surveys for Cicindela marginata (Salt Marsh Tiger Beetle) in Maine and confirmed its presence at previously documented sites and at new locations in the southern third of the state. We found no evidence that this species has experienced a recent decline in Maine. We observed adults and larvae in a variety of sparsely vegetated sandy microhabitats in tidal ecosystems. Our findings suggest broader ecological amplitude for C. marginata than simply backdune-marsh strands. Variability within occupied salt marsh habitats suggests the potential for substantial differences in habitat use and resilience of C. marginata in comparison to other coastal tiger beetle species. Nevertheless, better baseline documentation and understanding of this species' biology is needed in light of current and emerging threats to coastal habitats. We recommend that researchers conduct comprehensive C. marginata inventories throughout its range that take a far-reaching approach in terms of site selection, microhabitats searched, and life stages sought.

Mark A. Ward and Jonathan D. Mays "Survey of a Coastal Tiger Beetle Species, Cicindela marginata Fabricius, in Maine," Northeastern Naturalist 21(4), 574-586, (1 December 2014).
Published: 1 December 2014
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