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1 June 2016 Testing Automated Call-Recognition Software for Winter Bird Vocalizations
Andrew Wolfgang, Aaron Haines
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Automated recording devices and call-recognition software are technologies available to survey vocal fauna. We evaluated the Song Scope® call-recognition software designed by Wildlife Acoustics to automatically identify vocalizations of 3 North American winter bird species. We used a Wildlife Acoustics SM-2 automated recorder to record winter avian vocalizations and then screened these field recordings using the Wildlife Acoustics Song Scope software programmed with recognition models, or recognizers, we created. Song Scope correctly identified an average 39% of target vocalizations to species using featured recognizers, with some recognizers performing better than others (accuracy range = 20–59%). Screening a 10-h field recording with Song Scope took an average of 7 minutes per recognizer. Call-recognition software can be used to survey vocal species; however, when biologists use this software to determine species presence or density, they need to be aware of potential bias in survey results because some species-recognizer models perform better than others.

Andrew Wolfgang and Aaron Haines "Testing Automated Call-Recognition Software for Winter Bird Vocalizations," Northeastern Naturalist 23(2), 249-258, (1 June 2016).
Published: 1 June 2016

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