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25 April 2006 Validation of Names at Subspecific Rank in North American Campanulaceae
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Thirteen combinations at subspecific rank are effected for North American Campanulaceae, in preparation for a forthcoming world checklist of the family. Twelve were recognized most recently at varietal rank within the same species to which they are here assigned: Diastatea virgata subsp. ciliata (McVaugh) Lammers, Githopsis diffusa subsp. guadalupensis (Morin) Lammers, Heterotoma lobelioides subsp. glabra (T. J. Ayers) Lammers, Lobelia assurgens subsp. santa-clarae (McVaugh) Lammers, Lobelia berlandieri subsp. brachypoda (A. Gray) Lammers, Lobelia ehrenbergii subsp. gracilens (A. Gray) Lammers, Lobelia flexuosa subsp. intermedia (Hemsley) Lammers, Lobelia gruina subsp. peduncularis (McVaugh) Lammers, Lobelia irasuensis subsp. fucata (McVaugh) Lammers, Lobelia irasuensis subsp. picta (B. L. Robinson & Seaton) Lammers, Palmerella debilis subsp. serrata (A. Gray) Lammers, and Triodanis perfoliata subsp. biflora (Ruiz & Pavón) Lammers. Downingia humilis Greene has been recognized as a distinct species or subsumed without recognition into D. pusilla (G. Don ex A. DC.) Torrey; however, its pattern of variation makes its recognition as Downingia pusilla subsp. humilis (Greene) Lammers more appropriate.

Thomas G. Lammers "Validation of Names at Subspecific Rank in North American Campanulaceae," Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 16(1), 69-73, (25 April 2006).[69:VONASR]2.0.CO;2
Published: 25 April 2006

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