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1 September 2007 New Sections, Combinations, and Varieties in Rosaceae, Potentilleae
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Eight new sectional names are proposed in Rosaceae, tribe Potentilleae: Horkelia Chamisso & Schlechtendal sect. Capitatae (Rydberg) Ertter & Reveal, section Hispidulae Ertter & Reveal, and section Parryae Ertter & Reveal; Ivesia Torrey & A. Gray sect. Comarella (Rydberg) Ertter & Reveal, section Saxosae (Rydberg) Ertter & Reveal, section Stellariopsis (Baillon) Ertter & Reveal, and section Unguiculatae (Rydberg) Ertter & Reveal; and Potentilla L. sect. Hippianae (Rydberg) Ertter & Reveal. Thirteen varietial combinations are proposed: Horkelia californica Chamisso & Schlechtendal var. elata (Greene) Ertter & Reveal and variety frondosa (Greene) Ertter & Reveal; H. clevelandii (Greene) Rydberg var. brevibracteata (Wiggins) Ertter & Reveal; H. cuneata Lindley var. puberula (Rydberg) Ertter & Reveal and variety sericea (A. Gray) Ertter & Reveal; H. daucifolia (Greene) Rydberg var. caruifolia (Rydberg ex Howell) Ertter & Reveal and variety indicta (Jepson) Ertter & Reveal; H. fusca Lindley var. brownii (Rydberg) Ertter & Reveal (linked to significantly changed circumscriptions of variety pseudocapitata (Rydberg ex Howell) M. Peck and variety capitata (Lindley) M. Peck); H. tridentata Torrey var. flavescens (Rydberg) Ertter & Reveal; and Ivesia gordonii (Hooker) Torrey & A. Gray var. alpicola (Rydberg ex Howell) Ertter & Reveal and ursinorum (Jepson) Ertter & Reveal; and I. lycopodioides A. Gray var. megalopetala (Rydberg) Ertter & Reveal and variety scandularis (Rydberg) Ertter & Reveal. Two new varieties are proposed in Ivesia: I. argyrocoma (Rydberg) Rydberg var. moranii Ertter & Reveal, a taxon confined to the Sierra San Pedro Mártir of northern Baja California, Mexico, and I. gordonii var. wasatchensis N. H. Holmgren ex Ertter & Reveal of Idaho, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming. A key to the four varieties of I. gordonii is presented, and a lectotype is designated for Horkelia gordonii var. alpicola Rydberg ex Howell.

Barbara Ertter and James L. Reveal "New Sections, Combinations, and Varieties in Rosaceae, Potentilleae," Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 17(3), 315-325, (1 September 2007).[315:NSCAVI]2.0.CO;2
Published: 1 September 2007

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