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1 May 2008 Two New Species of Baccharis (Asteraceae, Astereae) from Southern Brazil
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Two new species of Baccharis L. assigned to subgenus Molina Heering and section Caulopterae DC. (Asteraceae, Astereae) are described and illustrated from southern Brazil. Baccharis jocheniana G. Heiden & Macias is distinguished by its erect-prostrate growth habit, broadly 3-winged stems, reduced scale leaves, panicles composed of spikes of solitary to 6-clustered capitula, female capitula with 50 to 60 florets with an irregularly denticulate corolla apex, and ca. 8-ribbed cypselae. Baccharis ramboi G. Heiden & Macias is distinguished by its glabrescent hispid indument, narrowly 3-winged stems, shortly petiolate leaves with oblong leaf blades, capitula clustered in a spike with a narrowly winged axis and conspicuous leafy bracts, female capitula with ca. 30 to 35 florets with a short ligulate apex, and cypselae with two ribs more conspicuous than the others. Baccharis jocheniana is compared with B. myriocephala DC. and B. crispa Sprengel; B. ramboi is compared with B. pseudovillosa Malagarriga & J. E. Vidal.

Gustavo Heiden, João Ricardo Vieira Iganci, and Leila Macias "Two New Species of Baccharis (Asteraceae, Astereae) from Southern Brazil," Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 18(2), 178-182, (1 May 2008).
Published: 1 May 2008

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