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16 July 2014 Andryala perezii (Asteraceae), a New Species from the Canary Islands
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Andryala perezii M. Z. Ferreira, R. Jardim, Alv. Fern. & M. Seq. (Asteraceae), a new species from the Canary Islands, is described and illustrated. Although formerly included in A. glandulosa Lam., the new species differs remarkably from Madeiran populations by its woolly stellate pubescence, scattered glandular pubescence restricted to the peduncles and involucral bracts, peduncles flattened and enlarged at the base of the capitula, and smaller cypselae. Andryala perezii has a habit similar to that of the Canarian A. pinnatifida Aiton but may be identified by its densely stellate pubescence on the stems; grayish white or glaucous, congested leaves with dense stellate pubescence on both surfaces and undulate-crispate margins; longer peduncles; and smaller cypselae with a ring of short teeth at the apex equivalent to the height of the prolongation of the ribs. Comments on the chromosome numbers, geographic distribution, habitat, and conservation status are also presented. The name A. pinnatifida Aiton f. cuneifolia Sch. Bip. is lectotypified and is transferred in rank as A. pinnatifida subsp. cuneifolia (Sch. Bip.) M. Z. Ferreira, R. Jardim, Alv. Fern. & M. Seq.; lectotypes are designated for its synonyms, A. pinnatifida f. buchiana Sch. Bip. and A. pinnatifida var. latifolia Bornm. The name A. pinnatifida is also lectotypified. A key for Macaronesian Andryala L. taxa is provided.

Maria Zita Ferreira, Inés Álvarez Fernández, Roberto Jardim, and Miguel Menezes de Sequeira "Andryala perezii (Asteraceae), a New Species from the Canary Islands," Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 23(2), 147-156, (16 July 2014).
Published: 16 July 2014

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