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8 November 2022 Miscellaneous Typifications and New Synonyms Toward a Revision of Mandevilla (Apocynaceae)
J. Francisco Morales
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Resulting from the synopsis of Mandevilla Lindl. (Apocynaceae) in the states of Goiás and Brasília, Brazil, lectotypes are designated for 33 names: Amblyanthera versicolor (Stadelm.) Müll. Arg. var. stenosolen Müll. Arg., Angadenia reticulata Miers, Dipladenia acicularis K. Schum., D. gentianoides A. DC., D. gentianoides var. glabra Müll. Arg., D. gentianoides [var. velutina (Mart. ex Stadelm.) Müll. Arg.] subvar. longiloba Müll. Arg., D. illustris (Vell.) Müll. Arg. subf. hirsuta Müll. Arg., D. linariifolia A. DC., D. myriophyllum Taub. ex Ule, D. polymorpha Müll. Arg. subvar. glabra Müll. Arg., D. polymorpha var. intermedia Müll. Arg., D. tenuifolia (J. C. Mikan) A. DC. var. puberula A. DC., D. tenuifolia var. volubilis A. DC., D. tetradenia Rusby, D. vincaeflora Lem., Echites alexicacus Mart. ex Stadelm., E. illustris Vell., E. longiflorus Desf., E. maranhamensis G. Don, E. pastorum Mart. ex Stadelm., E. pohlianus Stadelm., E. pohlianus var. latifolius Stadelm., E. pubiflorus G. Don, E. pulchellus Gardner ex Hook., E. rosa-campestris Endl., E. rugosus Benth., E. spigeliiflorus Stadelm., E. tenuifolius J. C. Mikan, E. versicolor Stadelm., E. virescens A. St.-Hil., Macrosiphonia martii Müll. Arg., Macrosiphonia velame (A. St.-Hil.) Müll. Arg. var. goyazensis Müll. Arg., and Mandevilla barretoi Markgr. Eight second-step lectotypifications are completed for Echites coccineus Hook. & Arn., E. petreus A. St.-Hil., E. pinifolius A. St.-Hil., E. velame A. St.-Hil., Laseguea erecta (Vell.) Müll. Arg. subf. griseo-olivacea Müll. Arg., L. erecta var. glabrescens Müll. Arg., Macrosiphonia verticillata Müll. Arg. var. intermedia Müll. Arg., and Macrosiphonia verticillata var. peduncularis Müll. Arg. A neotype is designated for Amblyanthera versicolor (Stadelm.) Müll. Arg. var. olivacea Müll. Arg. Two new synonymies are proposed: Mandevilla barretoi Markgr. under M. tenuifolia (J. C. Mikan) Woodson, and M. bradei Markgr. under M. spigeliiflora (Stadelm.) Woodson.

J. Francisco Morales "Miscellaneous Typifications and New Synonyms Toward a Revision of Mandevilla (Apocynaceae)," Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature 30(1), 128-137, (8 November 2022).
Published: 8 November 2022
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