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1 March 2016 Fossil Dinoflagellates: Nomenclatural Proposals in Anticipation of a Revised DINOFLAJ Database
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The ‘Lentin & Williams Index’, of which the first version was published in 1973, was intended to keep those involved in fossil dinoflagellate research abreast of the burgeoning taxonomic literature. An additional role has been to ‘tidy up’ nomenclatural issues that have been left unresolved in publications. The printed Index has moved to an online database, DINOFLAJ, a new version of which is projected for 2016. Although since 2012 the International Code of Nomenclature makes allowance for nomenclatural novelties to be proposed online, these digital sources need to be in PDF format in a recognised online publication. As DINOFLAJ3 will arguably not meet formal rules of nomenclature, this brief communication is intended to formalise nomenclatural changes that are needed before the database is released. Thus, the following names are herein validated: Alterbidinium compactum, Alterbidinium nuculum, Alterbidinium nummiliforme, Alterbidinium pentangulare, Alterbidinium prominense, Alterbidinium pseudocirculum, Alterbidinium saltanovae, Alterbidinium simplex; and Palaecysta palmula subspecies ankamotraensis. Also proposed herein are the following new combinations: Amphorulacysta delicata, Amphorulacysta? dodekovae, Amphorulacysta? expirata, Amphorulacysta metaelliptica, Amphorulacysta? monteilii; Bonetocardiella peregrinaensis; Cordosphaeridium gracile forma areolatum; Cribroperidinium graemei subspecies trabeculosum; Dinopterygium asteriforme; Nyktericysta granorugosa, Nyktericysta pentaradiata; Palaecysta complicata, Palaecysta palmula, Palaecysta silyba; and Pithonella melloi.

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Graham L. Williams and Robert A. Fensome "Fossil Dinoflagellates: Nomenclatural Proposals in Anticipation of a Revised DINOFLAJ Database," Palynology 40(1), 137-143, (1 March 2016).
Published: 1 March 2016

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