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1 September 2017 Communities ready for takeoff
Sanne A. M. Rijkhoff, Season A. Hoard, Michael J. Gaffney, Paul M. Smith
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Although much of the social science literature supports the importance of community assets for success in many policy areas, these assets are often overlooked when selecting communities for new infrastructure facilities. Extensive collaboration is crucial for the success of environmental and economic projects, yet it often is not adequately addressed when making siting decisions for new projects. This article develops a social asset framework that includes social, creative, and human capital to inform site-selection decisions. This framework is applied to the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance project to assess community suitability for biofuel-related developments. This framework is the first to take all necessary community assets into account, providing insight into successful site selection beyond current models. The framework not only serves as a model for future biorefinery projects but also guides tasks that depend on informed location selection for success.

Sanne A. M. Rijkhoff, Season A. Hoard, Michael J. Gaffney, and Paul M. Smith "Communities ready for takeoff," Politics and the Life Sciences 36(1), 14-26, (1 September 2017).
Published: 1 September 2017

bio-fuel facilities
community capital
site selection
Social asset framework
social capital
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