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1 December 2001 Studies on the genera Pleurosigma and Gyrosigma
F. A S. Sterrenburg
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The two species of Pleurosigma described by G. Shadbolt have been critically examined in the type material with LM and with SEM for specimens conforming to the types in LM. A comparison of P. inflatum Shadbolt and P. naviculaceum Brébisson did not reveal any specific difference; the former taxon has priority while the latter is designated a synonym. The protologue of P. diverse-striatum Meister matches that of P. inflatum, but new findings validate its separate status. Pleurosigma diverse-striatum differs from other members of the genus by its areolar morphology. Its status as a synonym of P. aequatoriale Cleve will be clarified in a future paper. Pleurosigma validum Shadbolt is shown to be a synonym of P. rigidum W. Smith. Lectotypes are designated for Pleurosigma inflatum Shadbolt, 1853, Pleurosigma naviculaceum Brébisson, 1854, and Pleurosigma validum Shadbolt, 1853; and Pleurosigma diverse-striatum Meister, 1934, is typified.

F. A S. Sterrenburg "Studies on the genera Pleurosigma and Gyrosigma," Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 151(1), 121-127, (1 December 2001).[0121:SOTGPA]2.0.CO;2
Published: 1 December 2001
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