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1 October 2008 New Records of Hemiptera (Sternorrhyncha, Cicadomorpha, Heteroptera) for Newfoundland, Canada
A. G. Wheeler Jr., E. Richard Hoebeke, Gary L. Miller
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The first Newfoundland records are given for 12 Palearctic species: the aphids Acyrthosiphon caraganae (Cholodkovsky), A. pisum (Harris), Hyperomyzus lactucae (L.), Macrosiphoniella artemisiae (Boyer de Fonscolombe), Pleotrichophorus glandulosus (Kaltenbach), Tuberculatus annulatus (Hartig), and Uroleucon cirsii (L.); leafhoppers Athysanus argentarius Metcalf and Grypotes puncticollis (Herrich-Schaeffer); anthocorids Acompocoris pygmaeus (Fallén) and Anthocoris confusus Reuter; and microphysid Loricula pselaphiformis Curtis. All 12 Old World species are considered immigrant (rather than intentionally introduced) in Newfoundland. Two mirid species native to North America—Deraeocoris piceicola Knight and D. pinicola Knight—also are reported as new to the island. All 14 hemipteran species were collected in the eastern Avalon Peninsula (13 were found at the major port city of St. John's) and were found mainly on Old World plants. The record of the mirid D. piceicola is the first for eastern Canada, and that of the microphysid L. pselaphiformis represents the second for North America; this species was known previously only from Halifax, Nova Scotia. A summary of the previously recorded North American distributions and host-plant associations of the 14 species is provided.

A. G. Wheeler Jr., E. Richard Hoebeke, and Gary L. Miller "New Records of Hemiptera (Sternorrhyncha, Cicadomorpha, Heteroptera) for Newfoundland, Canada," Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 110(4), 1239-1245, (1 October 2008).
Published: 1 October 2008

adventive species
Atlantic Canada
insect detection
new records
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