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29 July 2013 Eucoilinae of North America: A Revised Catalog of Genera and Described Species
Mattias Forshage, Göran Nordlander, Matthew L. Buffington
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We present an updated catalog of North American Eucoilinae, bearing little resemblance to previous regional catalogs, which have been lagging behind in the recent systematic work in the group. The current catalog comprises 34 genera, arranged in six tribes. Of these genera, 9 are represented wholly by unidentified or undescribed species in the region, while the other 25 include 108 species recorded from the region. In comparison with previous catalogs, 24 genera and 41 species are added, and 34 species-level names are recombined, while 7 genera, five subgenera and 11 species are removed from the list of North American taxa. A modern, phylogenetically stable and type-based classification is implemented, as well as a tribal classification. In terms of nomenclatural acts, 25 new combinations are made (one is a reinstatement of an old combination); four new genus-levels synonymies are made (Tetramerocera Ashmead junior synonym of Ganaspis Förster, Bewelda Quinlan and Aporeucoela Kieffer junior synonyms of Hexacola Förster, Pentaplastidia Weld junior synonym of Trybligrapha Förster); eight new species-level synonymies are made; two species names are removed from synonymy; one new replacement name given (Hexacola pennsylvanicus for Hexacola subaperta Kieffer 1907 nec (Kieffer 1901a)).

Mattias Forshage, Göran Nordlander, and Matthew L. Buffington "Eucoilinae of North America: A Revised Catalog of Genera and Described Species," Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 115(3), 225-255, (29 July 2013).
Published: 29 July 2013
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