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29 December 2017 South and East Asian Sawflies of the Arge Albocincta Group (Hymenoptera: Argidae)
Akihiko Shinohara, Hideho Hara
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Arge albocincta group is defined to include eight Asian species: A. albocincta (Cameron, 1876) from India (Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Meghalaya) and Nepal, A. zonata Jakowlew, 1891, from China (Sichuan), A. procer (Konow, 1906) from India (Meghalaya), revised status, A. megacincta Wei, in Wei and Wen, 1997, from China (Guizhou, Guangxi), A. paracincta Wei, 2005, from China (Guizhou, Zhejiang), A. malaisei Shinohara and Hara, n. sp. from Myanmar, A. jakovlevi Gussakovskij, 1935, from China (Sichuan), and A. davidi Shinohara and Hara, n. sp. from China (Taiwan). Arge malaisei and A. davidi are described and other species are redescribed mainly based on the type material. Hylotoma albobalteata Cameron, 1899, is a new synonym of A. albocincta. Arge procer is revived from synonymy with A. albocincta. Lectotypes are designated for Hylotoma albobalteata Cameron, 1899, and Bathyblepta procer Konow, 1906. A key is given for separating females of the eight species.

Akihiko Shinohara and Hideho Hara "South and East Asian Sawflies of the Arge Albocincta Group (Hymenoptera: Argidae)," Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington 119(sp1), 843-863, (29 December 2017).
Published: 29 December 2017
Arge albocincta group
lectotype designation
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