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1 October 2009 Induction of Cytokine Gene Expression in Human Thyroid Epithelial Cells Irradiated with HZE Particles (Iron Ions)
Jenine K. Sanzari, Manunya Nuth, Ann R. Kennedy
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Gene expression profiles were examined using cDNA microarray technology in human thyroid epithelial (Htori-3) cells exposed to a low, non-toxic dose (10 cGy) of radiation from HZE particles in the form of iron ions in the absence or presence of selenomethionine (SeM). A total of 215 genes were differentially regulated 2 h after exposure to a 10-cGy dose of iron-ion radiation. In the microarray analysis, SeM had profound effects on the radiation-induced expression of several specific genes, which includes PLAU, IGFBP3, FOLR1, B4GALT1 and COL1A1. Of particular interest to us was a gene cluster, “secreted proteins”, that was up-regulated after radiation exposure. Seven up-regulated genes of this gene cluster fall within the chemokine/cytokine gene cluster, namely, CXCL1, CXCL2, IL6, IL11, IL8, IL24 and TGFβ2. In microarray studies, the radiation-induced up-regulated expression of some these genes encoding cytokine/chemokine proteins was significantly decreased by SeM treatment. For IL8, TGFβ2, CXCL1 and CXCL2, these observations were validated by qPCR techniques. It is concluded that SeM can regulate ionizing radiation-induced gene expression and may serve as an effective countermeasure for some of the acute inflammatory/immune responses induced by low-dose HZE-particle radiation.

Jenine K. Sanzari, Manunya Nuth, and Ann R. Kennedy "Induction of Cytokine Gene Expression in Human Thyroid Epithelial Cells Irradiated with HZE Particles (Iron Ions)," Radiation Research 172(4), 437-443, (1 October 2009).
Received: 7 February 2008; Accepted: 1 June 2009; Published: 1 October 2009

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