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1 September 2014 Erratum

Liebig, M. A., S. L. Kronberg, J. R. Hendrickson, and J. R. Gross. 2014. Grazing Management, Season, and Drought Contributions to Near-Surface Soil Property Dynamics in Semiarid Rangeland. Rangeland Ecology & Management 67(3):266–274.

The following reference was included by mistake by the authors:

Reeves, Justin L., Justin D. Derner, Matt A. Sanderson, Mark K. Petersen, Lance T. Vermeire, John R. Hendrickson, and Scott L. Kronberg. 2013. Temperature and Precipitation Affect Steer Weight Gains Differentially by Stocking Rate in Northern Mixed-Grass Prairie. Rangeland Ecology & Management 66(4):438–444.

The reference that should've been included instead is:

Reeves, Justin L., Justin D. Derner, Matt A. Sanderson, John R. Hendrickson, Scott L. Kronberg, Mark K. Peterson, and Lance T. Vermeire. 2014. Seasonal Weather Influences of Yearling Beef Steer Production in C3-Dominated Northern Great Plains Rangeland. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 183:110–117.

DOI:  10.2111/REM-D-13-00145.1

"Erratum," Rangeland Ecology and Management 67(5), 599, (1 September 2014).
Published: 1 September 2014

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