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1 June 2008 The Vascular Flora of Sayres Pond, A Remnant Prairie Fen in Champaign County, Ohio
Jess A. Peirson, Dan K. Evans
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Sayres Pond in Champaign County, Ohio, is a characteristic prairie fen remnant. The site harbors an assemblage of wetland plants that are indicative of their fen habitat and at the same time uncommon in west-central Ohio. Although not as species-rich as some larger remnant fens in the region, floristic diversity at Sayres Pond is quite high considering its small area (approximately 1.6 ha surveyed). A total of 102 species in 40 families and 80 genera were documented from Sayres Pond during this study. The flora has a distinct northern component but shows affinities to wet prairies and marshes of the Midwest and Southeast. Six state-listed rare plant species have been reported from the site since 1970, although only three were observed during this study. Comparison to a previous study indicates that over a 27-year period woody species encroached considerably into the fen meadow. Sixty-five of the 120 species (54%) previously reported from the site were not found during this study. The reasons for this loss are not fully understood, but the transition from open meadow vegetation to closed-canopy shrub carr has likely been a major factor in species loss at Sayres Pond.

Jess A. Peirson and Dan K. Evans "The Vascular Flora of Sayres Pond, A Remnant Prairie Fen in Champaign County, Ohio," Rhodora 110(942), 178-209, (1 June 2008).
Published: 1 June 2008

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