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25 April 2013 A Reconsideration of the Typification of Rafinesque Generic Names Allied to Salix L.
Gwynne S. Lim, Mónica R. Carvalho
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Past typifications of the 27 generic names allied to Salix (Salicaceae) published by Rafinesque in 1817 and 1838 are reconsidered in light of the current rules of nomenclature. A lectotype is proposed here for Diplima. Some generic names previously designated as lectotypes are here corrected to neotypes: Diplopia, Disynia, Oisodix, Opodix, Vetrix, and Vimen. Full bibliographic citations are given for each of Rafinesque's new names or combinations. Amerina balduiniana is lectotypified with a Baldwin specimen (ph) from Florida, and Vetrix linearifolia, a name that predates S. interior (1900), is lectotypified with a Nuttall collection (ph). However, a new combination in Salix is prohibited by the existence of S. linearifolia Rydb. (1901). To assure this, a step-two lectotypification is proposed for S. linearifolia. Oisodix fulva has been proposed for rejection. A John Bradbury collection, the type of Amerina missurica, has not been located, but if it proves to be a collection of S. amygdaloides Andersson as suggested recently by a monographer, the Rafinesque epithet would have priority. The use of Pleiarina (1838), a recently adopted segregate genus, as presently circumscribed is not correct, as Opodix (1817) has priority.

New England Botanical Club
Gwynne S. Lim and Mónica R. Carvalho "A Reconsideration of the Typification of Rafinesque Generic Names Allied to Salix L.," Rhodora 115(962), 170-190, (25 April 2013).
Published: 25 April 2013

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