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5 April 2023 Lectotypification and an Emended Description of Rosa ×fernaldiorum
Arthur V. Gilman, Arthur Haines
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The recently named nothospecies Rosa ×fernaldiorum was incorrectly described as a hybrid between R. carolina and R. nitida. We show that the proper hybrid formula is R. nitida × R. palustris. The purported holotype was found to consist of three specimens mounted on two sheets; we here choose a lectotype from this material, correct the hybrid formula, provide a more complete description than in the original place of publication, and cite additional specimens.

Arthur V. Gilman and Arthur Haines "Lectotypification and an Emended Description of Rosa ×fernaldiorum," Rhodora 124(997), 91-97, (5 April 2023).
Published: 5 April 2023
natural rose hybrid
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