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1 September 2016 Habitat Selection of Wild Pigs and Northern Bobwhites in Shrub-Dominated Rangeland
Susan M. Cooper, Shane S. Sieckenius
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Sus scrofa L. (Wild Pig) are known to eat the eggs of ground-nesting birds, but it is unknown to what extent they have an impact on populations of Colinus virginianus L. (Northern Bobwhite). We combined data from 2 prior studies conducted on a large ranch in South Texas to assess comparative habit use and selection by Wild Pigs and Bobwhites. Both species were distributed throughout the ranch, but their preferred habitats were very different. Bobwhites favored upland habitats, particularly areas with deep, sandy soils, while Wild Pigs favored low-lying habitats with clay soils. We conclude that depredation of Bobwhite nests by these invasive mammals may be restricted by the thermoregulatory requirement for Wild Pigs to stay near riparian areas. The extent of this effect will depend on the availability and spatial arrangement of water and riparian areas on the landscape.

Susan M. Cooper and Shane S. Sieckenius "Habitat Selection of Wild Pigs and Northern Bobwhites in Shrub-Dominated Rangeland," Southeastern Naturalist 15(3), 382-393, (1 September 2016).
Published: 1 September 2016

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