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1 February 2018 New Record of Northern Long-eared Bats in Coastal South Carolina
Timothy M. White, James E. Walea, Jason Robinson
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Myotis septentrionalis (Northern Long-eared Bat) is widely distributed in North America, from the Appalachians to the Maritime Provinces and west to British Columbia. In November 2016, we captured 2 non-reproductive Northern Long-eared Bats, 1 female and 1 male, in nets set in Beaufort County, coastal South Carolina. Previous records for the species indicate its nearest breeding colonies are >350 km away, and it had not been documented in South Carolina outside the Blue Ridge region. Although the Northern Long-eared Bat is known to move between summer roosts and winter hibernacula, it is not considered a long-distance migrant. Our records potentially represent an unrecognized coastal population rather than stray individuals. Such a population may be important for the survival of the species, which has been severely impacted elsewhere in its range by white-nose syndrome, a disease that is caused by the introduced fungal pathogen, Pseudogymnoascus destructans, which has not yet been recorded in coastal South Carolina.

Timothy M. White, James E. Walea, and Jason Robinson "New Record of Northern Long-eared Bats in Coastal South Carolina," Southeastern Naturalist 17(1), (1 February 2018).
Published: 1 February 2018

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