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1 June 2007 Use of Small-volume Nest Boxes by Apis mellifera L. (European Honey Bees) in Alabama
Suzanne Prange, David H. Nelson
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Previous studies have documented that cavities < 10 liters are consistently rejected as nest sites by Apis mellifera (European honey bees). During a study of Glaucomys volans (southern flying squirrel) ecology in Alabama, however, honey bees occupied a total of 10 nest boxes with volumes of 5–6.7 liters. These observations are significant because they represent the smallest documented cavity volume accepted by honey bees, and also because they lend support to the theory that minimum acceptable cavity volume varies geographically. Small volume cavities may be accepted in the southeastern United States due to milder climates, a paucity of natural cavities, genetic differences in honey bees among regions, or some combination of these factors. Consequently, there may be increased potential for competition between honey bees and other cavity-nesting species in the Southeast.

Suzanne Prange and David H. Nelson "Use of Small-volume Nest Boxes by Apis mellifera L. (European Honey Bees) in Alabama," Southeastern Naturalist 6(2), 370-375, (1 June 2007).[370:UOSNBB]2.0.CO;2
Published: 1 June 2007

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