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1 March 2009 Habitat Use by a Dense Population of Southern Fox Squirrels
James C. Lee, David A. Osborn, Karl V. Miller
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We determined seasonal macro- and microhabitat preferences of radio-collared Sciurus niger niger (Southern Fox Squirrel) in a high-density population. Fox squirrels preferred hardwood, live oak, and mixed hardwood-pine macrohabitats to pine, early successional, and turf macrohabitats. During winter, early summer, and late summer, they preferred mixed hardwood-pine, live oak, and hardwood microhabitats to pine microhabitats. Fox squirrels preferred an open or moderate crown spacing to a dense crown spacing during all seasons, and during the summer, they preferred microhabitats with at least 1 cone-bearing pine tree. Preferred microhabitats had a short-open or leaf-litter understory structure. Although the hardwood and hardwood-pine habitats on our barrier island study site differed from typical pine-dominated southeastern fox squirrel habitat, our results demonstrating preference for these types indicated that they are capable of supporting an abundant fox squirrel population when managed by mowing, burning, and light timber harvesting.

James C. Lee, David A. Osborn, and Karl V. Miller "Habitat Use by a Dense Population of Southern Fox Squirrels," Southeastern Naturalist 8(1), 157-166, (1 March 2009).
Published: 1 March 2009
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