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14 July 2023 Advection of Permethrin-EC Compared with Permethrin-EC+Cellulose in Sandy-Loam Soil
B. M. Kard
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Two formulations of permethrin EC termiticide were evaluated for depth of penetration into sandy-loam soil following by-the-label aqueous applications to the soil surface. The termiticide formulations were the same, except one formulation contained finely powdered cellulose and the other did not. Formulations were applied separately at 0.25% and 0.50% a.i. and allowed 7 to 9 days to disperse into the soil before samples were extracted and a.i. residues from various depths near the soil surface determined. Residue analyses for both formulations determined that 100% of a.i. recovered was contained in the top 5.1 cm of soil. Residues in the top 1.3 cm of soil were 95.2 to 96.9% of a.i. recovered. In the top 5.1 cm of soil, residue of permethrin plus powdered cellulose formulation applied at 0.50% was significantly greater than permethrin without cellulose additive.

B. M. Kard "Advection of Permethrin-EC Compared with Permethrin-EC+Cellulose in Sandy-Loam Soil," Southwestern Entomologist 48(2), 325-332, (14 July 2023).
Published: 14 July 2023
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