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15 March 2011 A new species of Aegyptobia (Acari: Tenuipalpidae) from Myrtaceae in Australia
Owen D. Seeman, Jennifer J. Beard
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Aegyptobia yertle sp. nov. from Calytrix fraseri is described from adult females, deutonymphs and protonymphs. The palp and leg chaetotaxy is presented and reviewed for an additional 31 species of Aegyptobia. Of these species, 15 have a palp and leg chaetotaxy identical to A. yertle sp. nov. Amongst the remaining 16 species, there are 17 different variable setae. Within Aegyptobia, the greatest number of setae lost by any one species is eight. These results show that leg chaetotaxy is an informative addition to descriptions in the Tenuipalpidae. With respect to Aegyptobia, we suggest that leg chaetotaxy could help subdivide this large genus.

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Owen D. Seeman and Jennifer J. Beard "A new species of Aegyptobia (Acari: Tenuipalpidae) from Myrtaceae in Australia," Systematic and Applied Acarology 16(1), 73-89, (15 March 2011).
Accepted: 1 January 2010; Published: 15 March 2011
generic diagnosis
leg chaetotaxy
new species
palp chaetotaxy
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