1 July 1998 Note on an early record of human demodicosis in China
Ting-Huan Wen
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A human case of demodicid blepharitis was misidentified as a nematode Thelazia callipaeda, or “eye worm”, infestation by Faust and reported by Howard and Faust in 1927 and 1928 from a Canadian missionary at Huaxi (West China) University, Chengdu, China. The present author shows that all descriptions of the symptoms with the pathological changes from biopsy identified conform to symptoms of demodicid infestation. Presumably the case was a mixed infestation of Demodex folliculorum and D. brevis. This is the earliest actual scientific record of human demodicosis in China, although the patient was not a Chinese national.

Ting-Huan Wen "Note on an early record of human demodicosis in China," Systematic and Applied Acarology 3(1), 193-196, (1 July 1998). https://doi.org/10.11158/saa.3.1.30
Accepted: 10 April 1998; Published: 1 July 1998
Demodectic blepharitis
Demodex brevis
Demodex folliculorum
Thelazia callipaeda
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