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1 April 2001 A Bully New Genus from the Andes (Compositae: Liabeae)
V. A. Funk, H. Robinson
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Dillandia (Compositae, Liabeae) is described as new on the basis of three species: D. perfoliata (S. F. Blake) V. A. Funk and H. Rob. (=Liabum perfoliatum), D. chachapoyensis (H. Rob.) V. A. Funk and H. Rob. (=Munnozia chachapoyensis), and D. subumbellata V. A. Funk and H. Rob. Phylogenetic analysis of Liabeae using data from the nuclear ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacer (Kim et al. unpublished data) places two of the Dillandia species outside the subtribe Munnoziinae and separates them from all other clades in the tribe as well. Irregular spine groupings on the pollen confirm the separation of these species from the Munnoziinae. Morphological analysis suggests that these two and one additional species form a monophyletic group defined by their possession of bullate leaf surfaces and pale anther thecae. This study is an example of how molecular and morphological data, when used together, can lead to a better classification.

Communicating Editor: Aaron Liston

V. A. Funk and H. Robinson "A Bully New Genus from the Andes (Compositae: Liabeae)," Systematic Botany 26(2), 216-225, (1 April 2001).
Published: 1 April 2001

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