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1 January 2005 A Multivariate Study Of Calyptrogyne (Palmae)
Andrew Henderson
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Multivariate analyses of qualitative and quantitative characters taken from herbarium specimens of Calyptrogyne H. Wendl. (Palmae), together with analysis of geographic distributions, reveals 27 groups of specimens. Application of the Phylogenetic Species/Subspecies Concept to these groups gives 18 species and 13 subspecies, giving a total of 27 taxa in the genus. Eight species (C. tutensis, C. fortunensis, C. sanblasensis, C. baudensis, C. deneversii, C. coloradensis, C. panamensis, C. osensis) and seven subspecies (C. costatifrons subsp. occidentalis, C. costatifrons subsp. dariensis, C. allenii subsp. centralis, C. panamensis subsp. centralis, C. panamensis subsp. tutensis, C. panamensis subsp. occidentalis, C. ghiesbreghtiana subsp. hondurensis) are new, and two new combinations are made (C. ghiesbreghtiana subsp. spicigera, C. ghiesbreghtiana subsp. glauca). These taxa are distributed from southern Mexico to northwestern Colombia, with the greatest diversity in western Panama.

Andrew Henderson "A Multivariate Study Of Calyptrogyne (Palmae)," Systematic Botany 30(1), 60-83, (1 January 2005).
Published: 1 January 2005
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