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1 April 2008 A New Species of Perityle (Asteraceae, Perityleae) from Western Mexico
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A new species, Perityle harkerae (Asteraceae), endemic to southern Zacatecas, Mexico is described and illustrated. Salient morphological features of the new species are compared to those of P. jaliscana, P. feddemae, and P. glaucescens, which appear to be closely related. The new species is distinguished by its canescent and ovate to deltate-ovate leaves, and by its discoid capitula with yellow corollas. A key to the species of Perityle in western Mexico is provided.

Una nueva especie, Perityle harkerae (Asteraceae), endémica al sur de Zacatecas, México es descrita e ilustrada. Algunas características morfológicas sobresalientes son comparadas con las de P. jaliscana, P. feddemae y P. glaucescens, que parecen ser las especies más cercanamente relacionadas. El nuevo taxón se distingue por sus hojas canescentes, ovadas a deltadoovadas y por sus capítulos discoides con corolas amarillas. Se presenta una clave para la identificatión de las especies de Perityle en el occidente de México.

Pablo Carrillo-Reyes "A New Species of Perityle (Asteraceae, Perityleae) from Western Mexico," Systematic Botany 33(2), 459-461, (1 April 2008).
Published: 1 April 2008

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