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1 April 2008 Phylogenetic Studies in the Paniceae (Poaceae): a Realignment of Section Lorea of Panicum
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The taxonomic status of Panicum section Lorea has remained as “incertae sedis” within Panicum. To resolve its position within the Paniceae and to test the monophyly of this section, phylogenetic analyses based on chloroplast sequence data (ndhF) and morphology were conducted for the Paniceae with particular emphasis on Panicum section Lorea. The results did not support the monophyly of this section. The species of this group were resolved in two clades which are not sister groups and neither of them is closely related to Panicum s.s. As a result, two new genera are proposed and described: Apochloa and Renvoizea, which are restricted to the Guiana highlands and eastern Brazil. New combinations are: Apochloa animara, A. bahiense, A. chnoodes, A. cipoense, A. eligulata, A. euprepes, A. jauana, A. lorea, A. lutzii, A. molinioides, A. poliophylla, A. sipapoense, A. steyermarkii, A. subtiramulosa, A. tijucae, Renvoizea acicularifolia, R. durifolia, R. glaziovii, R. lagostachya, R. marauense, R. restingae, R. sacciolepoides, R. teretifolia, R. trinii, and R. vaginiviscosa.

Silvana M. Sede, Osvaldo Morrone, Liliana M. Giussani, and Fernando O. Zuloaga "Phylogenetic Studies in the Paniceae (Poaceae): a Realignment of Section Lorea of Panicum," Systematic Botany 33(2), 284-300, (1 April 2008).
Published: 1 April 2008

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