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1 October 2013 A Taxonomic Revision of Amphitrichae, a New Section of Crotalaria (Fabaceae)
M. Marianne le Roux, Ben-Erik van Wyk
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Crotalaria sect. Amphitrichae is described as new to give formal recognition to a strongly supported clade revealed by a recent molecular systematic study. The five known species are restricted to the arid western parts of southern Africa (C. colorata, C. excisa, C. humilis, C. meyeriana, and C. pearsonii). Species of the section are morphologically distinct in having (1) hairs distributed all around the distal part of the style; (2) ridge callosities on the standard petal blade and claw; (3) a rounded keel; (4) a twisted keel beak; and (5) a rounded style. A cladistic analysis of 18 morphological characters resulted in a well-resolved cladogram that recovers relationships within the section. The study revealed that two new species should be recognised, described here as C. giessii and C. kolbergii. A taxonomic revision of the section is presented, with descriptions, diagnostic characters, distribution maps, and illustrations of all seven recognised species.

© Copyright 2013 by the American Society of Plant Taxonomists
M. Marianne le Roux and Ben-Erik van Wyk "A Taxonomic Revision of Amphitrichae, a New Section of Crotalaria (Fabaceae)," Systematic Botany 38(3), 638-652, (1 October 2013).
Published: 1 October 2013
Amphistylar hairs
Crotalaria giessii
Crotalaria kolbergii
new species
ridge callosities
southern Africa
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