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1 June 2014 Taxonomic Notes on Vriesea Sect. Xiphion (Bromeliaceae) with Descriptions of Three New Species
Ricardo Loyola de Moura, Andrea Ferreira da Costa
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Vriesea is a large genus comprising several groups of species with controversial limits. The taxonomic revision of small monophyletic groups has been an important approach to improve our understanding of the taxonomy of the genus. After the taxonomic revision of the monophyletic group belonging to Vriesea sect. Xiphion, comprised of species with simple inflorescences, flowers patent during anthesis and not secund, and decurrent floral bract bases, this paper describes three species as new: Vriesea carmenae, Vriesea gelatinosa, and Vriesea zildae; and proposes one synonym. The species occur mainly in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest and Cerrado domains, and are morphologically similar to V. bituminosa and V. wawranea.

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Ricardo Loyola de Moura and Andrea Ferreira da Costa "Taxonomic Notes on Vriesea Sect. Xiphion (Bromeliaceae) with Descriptions of Three New Species," Systematic Botany 39(3), 791-803, (1 June 2014).
Published: 1 June 2014
Brazilian Atlantic Forest
new species
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