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17 June 2014 Taxonomic Revision of Richterago (Asteraceae, Gochnatieae)
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Richterago is a Brazilian genus that has been studied by the authors over the past twenty years. The genus was recircumscribed based on Lessing's concept, including species that are either rosette herbs (hemicryptophytes or geophytes) or subshrubs (with erect, woody, unbranched stems), bearing radiate and heterogamous or discoid and homogamous heads, and a uniseriate pappus with 25–43 bristles of equal lengths. Current molecular phylogenetic studies corroborate Richterago as monophyletic within the tribe Gochnatieae. The main goal of this paper is to present a taxonomic revision of Richterago providing access to updated and detailed information of all species. Richterago is comprised of 16 species, of which nine are endemic to the Espinhaço Range of the mountains in Minas Gerais (R. angustifolia, R. arenaria, R. caulescens, R. conduplicata, R. elegans, R. lanata, R. polymorpha, R. polyphylla, and R. suffrutescens). Richterago radiata is the most widely distributed species, occurring in Goiás, Distrito Federal, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, and Paraná states. Most of the species (14) should be considered endangered and in need of protection based on the criteria of IUCN.

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Nádia Roque and José Rubens Pirani "Taxonomic Revision of Richterago (Asteraceae, Gochnatieae)," Systematic Botany 39(3), 997-1026, (17 June 2014).
Published: 17 June 2014

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