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23 July 2015 The Genus Sartidia (Poaceae: Aristidoideae) in Madagascar
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The uncommon southern African and Malagasy genus Sartidia in the Aristidoideae, Poaceae resembles the closely related Aristida but has a C3 photosynthetic system, 3–5-veined lower glumes, and a ventrally grooved caryopsis. We present a revision of Sartidia in Madagascar with two species. Sartidia isaloensis is described as new based on its interrupted inflorescence structure, small spikelets, and short awns. A leaf anatomical study and a δ13C analysis confirm that S. isaloensis is a C3 species. Sartidia perrieri is likely extinct in the wild. We present descriptions, typification, illustrations, distribution maps, an identification key, and IUCN conservation assessments. A key to the Aristidoideae in Madagascar is also included.

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Maria S. Vorontsova, Thomas Haevermans, Agathe Haevermans, Jacqueline Razanatsoa, Marjorie R. Lundgren, and Guillaume Besnard "The Genus Sartidia (Poaceae: Aristidoideae) in Madagascar," Systematic Botany 40(2), 448-453, (23 July 2015).
Published: 23 July 2015

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