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18 April 2018 Taxonomic Studies in Pseudognaphalium Kirp. (Asteraceae, Gnaphalieae) from Peru
Susana E. Freire, Claudia Monti, Néstor D. Bayón, María A. Migoya
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An account of the nine species of Pseudognaphalium occurring in Peru is provided, i.e. P. cheiranthifolium, P. dysodes, P. elegans, P. gaudichaudianum, P. lacteum, P. lanuginosum, P. luteoalbum, P. psilophyllum, and P. viravira. A number of species are placed in synonymy: Gnaphalium ecuadorense, G. ecuadorense var. boliviense, andPseudognaphalium pellitum are synonymized under P. cheiranthifolium; Gnaphalium imbaburense, G. jelskii, G. peruvianum, G. sodiroi, and Pseudognaphalium cabrerae are synonymized under P. gaudichaudianum; Gnaphalium humillimum and Pseudognaphalium dombeyanum are synonymized under P. dysodes; Gnaphalium helichrysoides and Pseudognaphalium melanosphaeroides are synonymized under P. lanuginosum; and Gnaphalium polium is synonymized under Pseudognaphalium viravira. Lectotypes are designated for Gnaphalium dombeyanum, G. elegans, G. gaudichaudianum, G. gaudichaudianum var. subrufescens, G. helichrysoides, G. jelskii, G. luteoalbum var. pallidum, G. multiceps, G. poeppigianum, and G. sodiroi. Descriptions, notes on habitat and phenology, distribution maps, full specimen citations for all taxa treated, an identification key, as well as line drawings of four of the nine species, are provided.

© Copyright 2018 by the American Society of Plant Taxonomists
Susana E. Freire, Claudia Monti, Néstor D. Bayón, and María A. Migoya "Taxonomic Studies in Pseudognaphalium Kirp. (Asteraceae, Gnaphalieae) from Peru," Systematic Botany 43(1), 325-343, (18 April 2018).
Published: 18 April 2018
South America
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